The best adventures are the ones taken far, wide, within & with each other

Like the poignant, pivotal moments that begin with the mundane, Coffee Abroad began with a simple Craigslist ad.

We rented a room in our Toronto apartment to a girl named Kati from Estonia, made a short film about our friendship, and so began our love of sharing stories and adventures through videos and pictures. You can watch the video here and find out why Estonian President Toomas Ilves tweeted “A fun short film about Estonia.”

Coffee Abroad has become a web travelogue of our personal adventures. It’s our own way of taking the time to travel far, wide, and within, to see the world with new eyes whether across the pond or across town.

So forget the bucket list. Coffee Abroad is for a new generation of travelers. For real people, having unreal experiences.

Want to Work Together? Our partners share a love for irreplaceable places, embrace story over technology, and most of all celebrate people and place. Our brand of storytelling isn’t for everyone, but for the people we click with, we do extraordinary work.

Let’s go for coffee! You can reach us at: